Inspired by the legend before us Henderson Legacy has continued the long standing Henderson Collection styles with new creations for 2022 and beyond. Adding depth and dimension as well as texture and style, we have brought the bangle stacking game to an all new level. This new focus has allowed our leading-edge designs to create looks like never before. Offering the same impeccable quality since 1998, we are honored to continue the “Happiness Business” which is what incredible jewelry is all about. Bangle bracelets have become a stalwart in the world of jewelry. Legacy bangles stand out and work perfectly for every jewelry need. We intentionally create timeless looks built for style and longevity. There are infinite possibilities to customize your bangle stack. Go for subtle shades with deep, rich natural colors to create a balance or add cool tones and warm tones as your comfort colors for a visually interesting look.  

If a natural color palette is not for you then you can choose from 18K Gold as well as vermeil. Jewelry emotions are real, and we do not all pick the same thing so offering a little something for everyone has been a great landing place for Legacy. Bangles, pendants, rings and earrings complete our collection. Each piece can be customized for that perfect fit. 

Every piece has a story. What is yours? 

Lecil Henderson’s passion was felt by all. His love of fine jewelry showed in his creations. He was larger than life and a friend to all. He cared about the industry and willingly did what he could to help anyone. Lecil always said his best piece of jewelry was not in his bag but was his family. We are ever grateful for what we learned from him. It is a true honor to be able to continue his passion by offering his classic pieces and expanding the collection with new designs created to accompany what the legend before us started.  

hinged bracelets

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