inspired by the legend before us

When I stepped in to help an old friend of the family at his jewelry design studio a few things were for sure. First, I knew nothing about jewelry. The extent of my knowledge was that I had a wedding band and engagement ring. I wore a necklace with some type of charm on it and my ears were pierced. Second, I was supposed to help him out for two weeks. 26 years later the two-week job was still going, and this is how I became an accidental jeweler. Long forgotten was the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about the industry. I decided to stay in the business because the days were never the same. The decision was easy. The excitement was always there, and the travel and world experiences were exhilarating. 

I learned from the best. My mentor was the hardest working man in the industry and was so passionate about jewelry that he built his business one valued client at a time. We were known for great jewelry, incredible in-store events and customer service. The many dedicated employees throughout the years were the cornerstone to building the business. When Lecil Henderson suddenly died in 2020, we knew that there were more things to offer the retailer and consumer so we kept his legacy going. In fact, being inspired by the legend before us is what has us here today.

Our goal is to continue to bring new designs and pieces packed with passion for the next generation of jewelry lovers to enjoy. It is an honor to continue to offer the timeless Henderson Classics that have withstood the test of time. Our commitment to old-world craftsmanship with 20th century technology is unwavered. Classic styles, artistic detail and heirloom quality is what Legacy is about. Our inspiration comes from the groundwork that was laid before us and our own travel experiences both home and abroad. 

Our inspiration comes from the groundwork that was laid before us

Our Story

And so our chapter began with one door closing yet staying open enough to make a new beginning. The opportunity before us was built by an immense amount of passion and the will to give the world wonderful jewelry that can be worn daily and loved greatly.


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

  • We have over 45 years combined experience in the industry. 
  • Versatility - we create easy to wear items that transition from daytime to night.
  • Style - perfectly styled for every aspect of your life.
  • Fit - the comfort is second to none and can be customized to exactly what you want.  
  • Staple - many pieces will become the staple of your jewelry wardrobe due to style, comfort, wearability and durability. 
  • Product guarantee - product is guaranteed with a manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • Service - our stylists have been trained to assist you in putting the perfect package together for your store or boutique. 

We are chosen because:

When your customers are shopping for jewelry, they want the best quality available. Who wouldn’t? AvayGray Designs and Henderson Legacy go well beyond quality. 

Why Us?